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Analysis Of Weight Egg Using Image Processing

In This article show the analysis of weight egg using Image processing to measure the egg weight from digital photos by measuring the and the length of the egg then estimating weight which consists of these steps..... First, Image acquisition. Second, Image sharpening. Third, Image Representation Forth, Regional Descriptors. Finally, computer weight. After that illustrate the classification of egg size following the agricultural commodity and Food standards (ACFS). The experiment using so eggs from SAHA Farm company, mahasarakham. To do an experiment and analyze information to create equations of estimating egg weight. The equation is M = 1.1056 V0.9923 then brings 100 Images of egg the equation is accuracy. After the examination, the accuracy is 97.67 % and the average processing time is approximately 0.55 seconds per image. Result from this study show the correlation coefficient in the experiment of estimate egg weight by using digital photos has 2.33 % of the error. So we can develop this research processing or buildup the automatic sorting egg in the future. Keywords- image processing, egg, egg weight