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Bread Dregs Coconut: Utilization of Coconut Dregs as Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

CHD is one of the most common degenerative disease and inevitably affecting millions of global elder, adult or even youth. Based on WHO data, the current status of CHD is the leading cause the world death and followed by stroke and lower respirator infections. This is assumed that on 2020 the prevalence will increase twice as cancer�s. One major cause of CHD is poor eating habit, such as prefer to eat junk food which contains high cholesterol. Hence, new variation of healthy food is needed to substitute junk food. Furthermore we provide alternative bread with main ingredients from coconut dregs which contain high dietary fiber to reduce cholesterol. Bread was selected for this study because of the on-the-go type, easy to eat, and very universal in age or location range. Based on hedonic test that was participated by random people, bread dregs coconut has a good acceptance based on 6 indicators with 9-point hedonic scale. Furthermore, the cost of ingredients is affordable so the consumption of bread dregs coconut should be implemented as a national program to reduce prevalence of CHD. Additionally, it could support micro-economic industries to utilize the dregs, since Indonesia is the largest producer of coconut in the world. Index Terms� CHD, Coconut Dregs, Fiber, Cholesterol, Bread.