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Perceived Affordances From Icon Symbols

When designing an icon symbol the right clue or signal is the success factor for a user to perceive the icon symbol correctly according to its function. This research studied the main problem related to icons that are difficult to perceive by users according to their functions or purposes. The objective of this research was to measure users� perception of existing and established icons that are available worldwide. The sample for this study involved 38 postgraduate students from University Utara Malaysia. The research studied four main icon symbols that are available on the Ministry of Human Resources� portal including home icon, about us icon, enquiries icon, and resources icon. To further explain the affordance of the icon theoretically, the researcher used the semiotic engineering approach to study the icons and used the quantitative research method to analyze users� perceptions of the icon symbols. The study identified the right icons that represent their functions accordingly by using the theory of semiotic approach and improve users� perceptions of the icon symbols according to their functionality. Index Terms- Semiotics Engineering, Interaction Design, Usable Design, HCI, Perceived Affordances.