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Analysis And Design System For Eeg Based On Decision Support System (DSS) Higher Education Research And Industry (RAPID)

Classification of EEG wave signal into diagnose the disease is still rarely investigated. This approach tried to do research on "Analysis and Design EEG System Based On Decision Support System (DSS)" trying match the pattern of the waves on the EEG diagnostic data archival applications with common signs and symptoms. This paper attempts to explain the signal pattern recognition techniques EEG (electroencephalograph), reported signs and symptoms use the Decision Support System (Decision Support System). Decision Support System (DSS) on the introduction of the EEG signal is to distinguish between patients with normal and pathological (abnormal), and then differentiate into 15 classification pathology of the disease. The use of engineering Decision Support System (DSS) in the EEG signal analysis because of, the lack of availability of neurologists to analyze EEG signals, especially in remote areas. It would be very beneficial, especially in where for analyzing EEG signals difficult to be done directly by a specialist Neurology. Therefore, diagnosis may be assisted by a Decision Support System (DSS). Keywords´┐Ż Decision Support System (DSS), EEG, Waveform.