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Seismic Design And Evaluation Of Buckling-Restrained Knee-Braced Frame With Single Plate Shear Connections

The design and evaluation of Buckling-Restrained Knee-Braced Frame(BRKBF) with Single Plate Shear Connections (SPSCs)are presented in this study. The objective of this research is to apply a design methodology called Performance Based-Plastic Design (PBPD) to design BRKBF system and to estimate the collapse probability of the framing system under earthquake excitations. The PBPD approach utilizes yield mechanism and pre-selected target drift as the main design parameters to control structural deformation.This method was applied to the design of an example BRKBF structure. The collapse probability of the example BRKBF was then investigated under 44 different ground motions based on FEMA P695 framework. Performance assessmentresults based on nonlinear static and time history analyses are presented and discussed. Keywords´┐Ż Seismic Design, Seismic Evaluation, BRKBF, Single Plate Shear Connections, PBPD, FEMA P695