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Getting The Job Done: Using Authentic Assessment Techniques In Extra And Co-Curricular Activities (ECCAs) To Improve Law Students’ Employability Prospects

Authentic assessments are closely aligned with activities that take place in real work settings, as distinct from the often artificial constructs of University courses. While the traditional ‘paper-based’ assessment strategy provides a pragmatic solution to the problem of a general lack of time and resources to grade students en masse, the authors believe that the use of authentic assessment techniques, in accredited and University-run extra and co-curricular activities (ECCAs), are perfectly placed to improve law students’ employability prospects. By delivering authentic assessments methods in ECCAs, a combination of formative and summative techniques used throughout the assessment processes improves student performance, which thereby has positive cross-impact into improving critical reasoning, team-working, self-confidence and public speaking skills – all highly prized by employers in many different disciplines and working environments. By examining recent employability data, and cross-referencing them with trends in student participation with ECCAs, the authors demonstrate that authentic assessment improves law students’ employability prospects in a variety of sectors – not just in law. Keywords- Authentic assessment, student employability, legal education, formative assessment