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Merits of Parallel Coupled Bandpass Filter over End Coupled Bandpass Filter in X Band

This paper represents the comparison between the end coupled BPF and Parallel coupled BPF with the same parameters. Parallel coupled BPF has merits over end coupled BPF. The occupied area of the parallel coupled BPF is less compared to end coupled BPF. Bandwidth of the parallel coupled BPF is large compared to end coupled. Return loss and insertion loss of parallel coupled BPF has less compared to end coupled. The only advantage of end coupled BPF is its simple design equations and less complex geometry and easy fabrication. These two filters are designed at high centre frequency 10.2 GHz and high dielectric constant 10.2 to achieve the wideband. Full wave IE3D electromagnetic simulation software is used to design and analysis of end coupled BPF and parallel coupled BPF. Keywords- End Coupled BPF, Parallel Coupled BPF, IE3D, Return Loss, Insertion Loss, Even And Odd Modes