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Instant Messaging System For the E-Paper Device

Currently, most smart device functionalities are not available in e-paper devices. Furthermore, the instant messaging system page and menu sliding mechanism is unsuitable for use in e-paper devices. In this paper, we proposed an instant paper message (PM) system similar to the smart device LINE instant message system. Due to the characteristic of electronic paper device, PM will not have the sliding mechanism. In the current e-paper device, switching to a new page is characterized by either black-out and white-out lag effect which is annoying and delays display of the designated new page. In PM, the new page mechanism problem will be improved. Experimental results showed that PM is feasible on the e-paper device. The display lag of new page switch is also significantly reduced. The PM may be used by Web API to provide more applications and usages such as classroom management, online classroom and other academic applications. Index Terms´┐ŻE-paper, Instant Messaging, Interface Design.