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Rural Insurance Vis-A-Vis Risk Management

Insurance is the business of indemnification of the loss suffered by the beneficiary. Insurance business can be broadly classified into life and non life insurance business. Insurance deals with the business of offering risk management solutions either in an Individual�s life or two categories i.e. 1) Risk of early death and 2)Risk of living longer. Life insurance industry has developed a range of products to address these risks and life insurance business works on basic tenet of �Loss of one shared by many �We live in a risk world-forces that threaten our financial well- being constantly surround us and are largely outside our control some people experience the premature death of their near and dear ones, loss and destruction of their property from both man and natural disasters. Risk management is generally regarded as a method of managing property and liability loss exposures, and it is a rarely associated with life and health insurance of individuals as a method of managing personal loss of exposures. This is not called for, inasmuch as risk management provides a framework that can be used to analyze almost all types of loss exposures, including life and health. The far-reaching significance of risk management approach to individual life insurance in the complex, post-industrial, and post-modernist society can hardly be exaggerated. In this paper an attempt is made to study the risk management and rural insurance and to study the awareness of rural insurance in India. Index Terms- Insurance, Risk Management