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Green Daylit Industry For Dhaka: An Evaluation Of Integrated Skylights And Solar Panels For Rmg Factory Buildings

Recent safety assessment on existing ready´┐Żmade garment (RMG) factories in Bangladesh, has explored the necessity for quick shifting of approximately 46% of factories from converted and shared buildings to new buildings. This is an opportunity for Bangladesh to construct new green factories, proficiently. Following the principle of the energy pyramid, this paper proposes a concept for green daylit industry with maximum possible utilization of the sun power, where simple and less cost options were tried first (i.e., skylights in RMG roof structure for daylighting), before pursuing the more complicated and costlier options of renewable energy (i.e. installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels for electricity production. A dynamic annual Climate-Based Daylight Modeling (CBDM) method considering all weather sky luminance model (i.e. DAYSIM), was used to identify the most feasible skylighting configuration for industrial roof to incorporate maximum useful daylight in luminous environment of the production spaces. To integrate the PV panels to skylight system, effectively, further simulation analysis was done to refine the design parameters, e.g. slope of the skylight, width and spacing, for the most feasible skylight configuration, to achieve highest electricity production round the year. Initiatives were taken to improve the thermal and visual comfort, and aesthetic quality of the interior and exterior of RMG buildings. It is expected that the outcomes from this research will help to guide the development of green daylit RMG factories, in context of Dhaka, to increase productivity of workers and save energy for lighting purpose in RMG sector. Keywords- green industry; daylit RMG; useful daylight; CBDM; dynamic metrics; photovoltaic; BIPV.