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Learning Model Of Smes As Supporting Industries Of Defense Industries (Conceptual Framework)

The defense industry is one industry that has an economic stake in the national economy, as well as the role of the defense industry defined in the Master Plan for the Acceleration Program of Indonesian Economic Development, serve as a national strategic industry which should be developed optimally. Be able to support the national economy. The magnitude of the role of the defense industry can not be separated from the cooperation with SMEs engaged in supporting industries to defense products.Learning model is a strategy use to increase motivation to acquire new knowledge and spark critical thinking, in order to obtain the achievement of a more optimal learning outcomes. Associated with the issues to be discussed, then the learning models here can be regarded as a design that describes the details of the process and the creation of environmental situations that enable interaction between companies and supporting industries, resulting in a change or development in accordance with the purpose of learning. This study demonstrates the importance of the company's influence in educating SMEs in quality control through quality management system so that Indonesia can fully participate in the supply chain industry. Keyword´┐Ż Learning, Small and Medium Business, Industries, Supply Chain.