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Real-Time Health Monitoring with IOT

In today’s lives, continuously monitoring health has become the biggest challenge especially with the increasing risks of sudden health-related issues which occurs because of delayed medical attention. Our research focuses to this urgent need by crafting a smart, Internet of Things (IoT) based system which continuously monitors patients' health in real time and share the record in cloud database. Our proposed setup is based on Arduino UNO, and several health sensors such as temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels in real-time. The proposed system not only collects the data but also uses ML based algorithms like support vector machine (SVM) to distinguish between safe and potentially dangerous health states of patients. By making the system, physicians can easily see and manage the records of patients and similarly patients can also see their health records by using the proposed system. Keywords - Health Monitoring Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Sensor Technology