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Abstract - Knowledge sharing is an important activity regardless of the context; in our everyday lives, we share knowledge and receive knowledge from others’ experiences and thus mutual benefit and growth is ensured. In the corporate context, companies aim to have their employees engage actively in knowledge sharing. It is through knowledge sharing that even the most mediocre company can come up with groundbreaking ideas and race its way to the top. Hence, employees are encouraged to gain and share as much useful information as they can. However, there are several determinants that influence the probability of such events happening successfully; two of those determinants are trust (in one’s team and team leader) and team identification. This study employs quantitative data collection to analyze 40 samples (collected via online platforms and sampled via convenience sampling technique); five hypotheses were proposed, and the survey analyses proved them all correct. The study thus proved that trust and team identification were both positively influenced by knowledge sharing. Alongside the conclusion, the author’s comments and suggestions for further research have been included as well. Keywords - Knowledge Sharing, Teams, Trust, Team Leadership