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Abstract: The main objective of this study is the recovery of plastics wastes in ground form in road construction. The proportions of plastic additions being 1%, 2%, 3% and 4%. The CBR values of 44; 48; 56; 41,5 and 39 were obtained for raw laterite and mixtures containing 1% respectively; 2%; 3% and 4% of plastics. This article presents the results of a research study on the use of crushed of plastics wastes mixed with Sindia laterite in road construction materials. At the end the experimental studies show that treatment with cement (with a mixture of 4 %) would make it possible to improve the geotechnical properties of these materials effectively for base-layer application. It appears from this latest study CBRs of 243; 280; 345; 263 and 241 respectively for raw laterite and laterite containing 1%; 2%; 3% and 4% of plastics wastes. This work shows that the wastes of plastics can be used in road construction materials. Keywords - CBR, Cement, Dray Density, Laterite, Plastic, Waste