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The Negative Impact of Greenwash on Green Purchase Intention

The study investigates the impact of greenwash on green purchase intention and discusses the mediation roles of green brand image and green loyalty. The research object of this study focuses on Taiwanese consumers that have the experience to purchase information and electronics products in Taiwan. This study applies structural equation modeling (SEM) to undertake an empirical study. The results demonstrate that greenwash negatively influences green purchase intention. In addition, this research verifies that greenwash is negatively related to both of green brand image and green loyalty that would positively influence green purchase intention. This paper also proves that green brand image and green loyalty mediate the negative relationship between greenwash and green purchase intention. Hence, this study suggests that companies should reduce their greenwash behaviors and raise their green brand image and green loyalty to enhance their green purchase intention. Keywords- greenwash; green purchase intention; green brand image; green loyalty; green marketing