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A Study of Effect of Selected Attributes of Serviced Residence Type Dormitoryon the Customer Satisfaction and Revisiting

University raise one�s competitiveness in the market because our education service industries become open market. Dormitory is measure of university marketing that announced to Student. Every year High quality serviced residence dormitory began to emerge. The University dormitory enter into a connection with tourism development. Most of tenants come from long distance area therefore naturally it comes to local tour. However Dormitory is nonprofit enterprise and has a monopolistic enterprise target market, gradually industry isolate from other hospitality industry. A reason for this could be due to the researcher determined to study as follows.The purpose of this study is to measure the importance of a Serviced residence dormitory when tenants chose and how to relate with customer satisfaction and revisit intention positively. Furthermore, the author organized conceptual model, and the analysis was enforced by structural equation modeling to test the hypotheses. In total, 302 customers, who visited serviced residence dormitory in Korea, were surveyed the questionnaire in this study. This study leads to important conclusions as follows. First, draw at six factors of selected attribution of serviced residence dormitory. It were Residential (Factor 1), Study (Factor 2), living and convenience (Factor 3), Culture and leisure (Factor 4), Operation system (Factor 5), Architecture (Factor 6). Second, Three Selection (Factor 3, 4, 6) Factors influence to customer satisfaction. Other Two (Factor 1, 2, 5) factors do not influence to customer satisfaction. Third, Serviced residence dormitory customer satisfaction influence to customer revisiting.Fourth, Selected attribution do not influence to customer revisit, but Two Selection(Factor 1, 5) Factors influence to customer revisit.Provide some interesting facts, Study factor do not influence to Satisfaction and revisit. Students should recognize the dormitory to the place of accommodation. Study facility is not important to university Dormitory therefore university can minimize the size of study room and it can be reduce expenditure. Otherwise the culture and life factor is important to new generation students.This study is likely to be recent evidence on factor of selected attribution following researches and management implications in Serviced residence dormitory industry. Keyword- Serviced Residence dormitory, Customer satisfaction, Revisiting.