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Media Astro And Rtm 1; Comparative On Practices For Youth Spirituality Development In Malaysia

This case study reports a secondary analysis comparing media role perceptions among practices for youth spirituality development in broadcast medias such as Astro and governmentmedia-based agency RTM in Malaysia. By comparing the best practices towards youth spirituality development in terms of objectives, activities, audience feedback and responses, policies regulation and etc, it would be a guidelines for media practitioner for youth. The method used in this case study is qualitative approach. Based on the results, the researcher have found that the spiritual factor has the strongest impact on youth development views about media roles, the organizational factor has a significant but moderate impact, and the logistic factor has less impact. Within the spiritual factor and media dimension, researcher have further proposedseveralcomparativedimensions to youth development where by formingspiritual determinism vs. media objective determinism. The study provides clear-cut evidence in favor of the interview session result.