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An Exploratory Study of the Social Challenges and Social Issues Single Female Homes Experienced in South Africa and its Effects on Their Children’s Social Lives

This study is a work in progress and seeks to examine social challenges and social issues single female homes experienced in South Africa and its effects on their children’s social lives. The study is designed to utilize primary data approach and employes qualitative analysis which will make use of interview and focus group discussion to examine the causes of single mothers’ households, Examining the educational outcomes and opportunities for children growing up in single female-headed households in South Africa, compared to those from two- parent households, examining the impact of mentorship programs and strong male role models in households headed by single women and emphasizing their potential to improve the general development and well-being of children in South Africa. Apart from qualitative approach, quantitative approach to data analysis will also be adopted to make sure that these aforementioned objectives are realized. The study hopes to contribute to the existingknowledge by suggesting ways to reduce this menace in South Africa and its implication on Childrenupbringings in the society. Keywords - Social Challenges, Single Female, Single mothers, Children