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Social Capital Dimensions And Return Expectations. A Case Of Spain

The existence or absence of a social network, as well as the nature of these bonds, are considered as key factors in the success or failure of an immigrant life project. Given the importance of the migratory networks and the varying degree of usefulness that individuals find in the bonds formed by these networks (bonding, bridging and linking social capital), this paper will reflect on the existent relationship between social capital and the success or failure of the social integrationprocess in the host country. To that effect, the following approaches have been formulated: Do social networks or the immigrant relationships affect their probability of returning? What is the role of an established social networking in the destination country? How does income and life satisfaction contribute to it? The work presented, which aims to answer the above questions, is based on a sample of an empirical study that contains the characteristics of the different groups that make up the representative map of immigration in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Index Terms- Migration, Bridging Social Capital, Bonding Social Capital, Linking Social Capital, Return Expectations.