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Abstract - The paper will analyze the potential of green hydrogen production in Croatia and possible challenges such are regulatory framework and transport of hydrogen. The relevance of this topic arises from the rapidly growing role of hydrogen both in the European Union and in other developed countries. The focus of this research is on policies that can increase the production, storage, transport, and use of hydrogen as a fuel, which is expected to play an important role in the decarbonization and transition of the European economy towards a low-carbon future. The rapid increase in hydrogen use will contribute to achieving the EU and Croatia's 2050 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target and the broader economic and development goals for a zero-carbon economy. Considering that the energy sector, together with transport, is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the structural, technological, and organizational changes will be the greatest, and the potential of hydrogen will be of great importance. In the Croatian energy strategy, hydrogen plays an important role in the long-term framework, as Croatia has an abundance of sun and wind as well as water needed to produce green hydrogen. Our aim is therefore to provide an overview of the Croatian production of green hydrogen and new projects that will enable Croatia to become a European green hydrogen hub. Keywords - Green Hydrogen, Croatia, European Union, Hydrogen Economy