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Problem Statement In the last decade, attachment theory has garnered significant research interest and has become a focal topic in the organizational behavioral literature. Prior research has demonstrated that attachment styles can be oriented to interpersonal relationships and workplace behaviors, and comprehensive literature reviews have examined these phenomena in the workplace. Despite this, workplace friendships and workplace experiences and attitudes explained by the theory of attachment is relatively scant in the literature. Methods This research utilizes attachment theory to investigate workplace friendships and dynamics through a comprehensive literature review that attempts to bridge theoretical concepts with practical applications. Specifically, this study examines the impact of attachment theory on behaviors and interactions in the workplace, focusing on two specific aspects: workplace friendships and experiences/attitudes. Results Results from this literature review establish attachment theory as a suitable framework to underpin and contextualize discussions on workplace friendships and experiences and attitudes, including workplace stress, workplace engagement, and job satisfaction. Conclusion The findings of this study will enhance both theoretical knowledge and practical applications by improving our understanding of how various forms of attachment styles in the workplace can serve as a valuable tool for management in overseeing employees’ work-related experiences. This study hopes to inspire further exploration of this subject, offering fresh insights into the understanding of this phenomenon. Keywords - Attachment Theory; Organizational Behavior; Workplace Friendships; Workplace Attitudes; Workplace Engagement