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Elemental Analysis and Fatty Acid Profile of the Oil Extract From Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus Larva

This experimental study through elemental analysis and fatty acid profile of oil extract from rhynchophorus ferrugineus larva revealed the unsaturation of the oil as a result of the presence of palmitoleate which is an ester of palmitoleic acid (omega 7 mono-unsaturated fatty acid), the appreciable presence of minerals from AAS in parts per million are obtained for Calcium (28.32), Zinc (0.17), Potassium (8.63), Sodium (7.53), Magnesium (12.61), Iron (0.23). Iodine, saponification, cholesterol, , protein, fat, crude fibre, acid, peroxide, mineral and vitamin contents of the oil extract were determined. Iodine value (128.19mg/g) is within the range of class of semi - drying oil. The peroxide value (6.93meq/kg) is in agreement with the maximum Codex standard peroxide value (10meq/kg). The cholesterol value of the oil (20.2mg/dl) is below the tolerable limit of 120 � 200mg/dl. The vitamin A content (500mg/l) of the oil is good. There are presence of vitamins A (500mg/l), D (6.41mg/l), B1 (92mg/l), E (0.61mg/l) and C (3.00mg/l), protein content (11.55%), crude fibre (52.57%). These data indicate that the oil could serve as a dietary supplement. The high saponification value (257.78mg/KOH/g) indicated that the oil is suitable for soap making. The consumption of raffia palm maggot oil is recommended because of its nutritional and medicinal values, more importantly as a food supplement. Keywords� Elemental Analysis, Oil extract, Unsaturation, Fatty acid, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus larva, Food supplement.