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Study of Effects of Addition Paths on Macro-Morphology in GMAW Additive Manufacturing for Ss316l

The influence of two additive manufacturing (AM)paths, namely unidirectionaladdition,and reciprocating addition,on macro-morphologyfor SS316L using GMAWwas studied in this paper. Two 6-layer AM walls are manufactured by Fanuc welding Robot. Results showed that anuneven height could be obtained when using a unidirectional addition path, and this unevenness would become more serious with the number of layers increased. The measurement revealed that the height in the welding start side of the unidirectional addition path was 14.3mm and the welding end side was only 8.9mm. While underthe reciprocating addition path,the height is uniform, in which the height of welding start sideis 14.1mm andthe end side is 14.2mm.Additionally, the surface quality obtained by the reciprocating addition pathwas better than that of the unidirectional addition path. Under the reciprocating addition path parallel layer boundary can ensure the flatness of the surface quality. Therefore, to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface accuracy, the reciprocating addition path should be used as much as possible in subsequent additive manufacturing molding research. Keywords - Additive Manufacturing(AM), GMAW, Unidirectional Addition Path, Reciprocating Addition Path