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The Impact of Grief on Mental and Physical Health: Exploring The Various Ways and Potential Long-Term Consequences

Grief is a universal response to the loss of a loved one that extends beyond emotional distress, impacting physical health. This research explores the diverse pathways through which grief influences physical health, employing Lazarus and Folkman's Stress and Coping Theory (1984) and Engel's Biopsychosocial Model (1977). The study synthesizes existing literature, revealing the complex relationships between grief, immune system dysregulation, cardiovascular effects, and changes in health behaviors. Long-term consequences encompass mental health disorders, impaired social functioning, and compromised quality of life. The findings emphasize the need for holistic understanding, considering individual differences and integrating interventions within the context of grief. Addressing gaps in research will enhance our comprehension of grief dynamics and inform targeted interventions to support individuals navigating the challenging terrain of grief. Keywords - Grief, Mental Health, Physical Health, Long Term Consequences