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The Ethics of Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, technology has rapidly advanced, with particular growth seen in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Education has not been immune to this advancement, as AI has increasingly been utilized to improve learning performance and enhance the overall educational experience. Despite the considerable benefits AI has brought to education, it has also raised various ethical concerns and risks, particularly pertaining to learner autonomy and personal data. As we seek to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of AI's role in education and its implications for the future of learning, it is imperative to critically examine these potential challenges and risks associated with its implementation. With that aim in mind, this research work was undertaken by the investigators to thoroughly explore the advantages and drawbacks of incorporating AI into modern education. The study sheds light on the potential hazards of becoming overly reliant on AI in education and its potential impact on the teacher-student relationship. It also critically examines the implications of AI on the future of teaching and learning, and the evolving role of educators in an AI-dominated educational landscape. The study highlights the importance of thoughtful consideration of ethical concerns and responsible integration of AI in education to fully harness its potential while minimizing potential downsides. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Concerns, Teacher-Student Relation.