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Exploring XR in Business Education: Unveiling Advantages, Applications, Tackling Challenges, and Paving Future Directions

In this paper, we explore the utilization of eXtended Reality in business education, focusing on its advantages, applications, challenges, and future directions. We begin by discussing the value and educational advantage of XR to drive its adoption in educational settings, drawing on the "go-to-market strategy" framework from the business world to address barriers to adoption. Additionally, we delve into the potential of XR in educational scenarios, especially in enhancing active and experiential learning. Furthermore, we examine how XR simulations contribute to improved content understanding long-term memory retention physical task performance collaboration student motivation specific focus on business education bridging disparities information sharing interpersonal interaction between physical virtual spaces aiming for a better understanding of potential implications of teaching-learning virtual environments. Keywords - Adult Learners, Business Education, Business School, XR