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Designing A Persian Opinion Mining System With Using Memetic-Neural Network Algorithm

Market research is a central and essential part of current businesses. Accurately assessing consumer demand and preferences is critical to the success of new products and re-introductions of existing products and promotional strategies. Since most of our decisions originate from our subconscious, traditional methods used in consumer research only sometimes reveal the best way to identify ideals and desires. Bridging the gap between consumers' subconscious and their behavior is one of the significant challenges facing marketers today. Neuromarketing provides the opportunity to overcome these shortcomings. In this article, we intend to provide a brief review of the opinion analysis or sentiment analysis and the work done in this regard. In the following, we will first discuss the methods used in the analysis of project sentiments and then the tasks related to sentiment analysis. Keyword - Persian opinion mining system،memetic،neural network algorithm