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Web-Based Learning - The Third Space for New Gen

2020 India saw drastic changes in all the fields, as technology replaced traditional practises and the field of education too was not left untouched. E- Learning (Web- based learning) coined by Elliot Masie in 1999 became the new norm of the society. The society clung to this two-edged sword, as their only hope, to meet the needs of the contingency caused by Covid, leaving the New Gen open to potential setbacks. The Third Space of erudition underwent a full-blown metamorphosis. This paper focuses on the transformative; at the same time bit flawed self- motivated learning methodology. Quantitative method was applied in eliciting and analysing WBL- The new third space’s effects on the most vulnerable of the student population- the adolescents of ages ranging from 13 to 17 in and around Coimbatore. The paper also presents with recommendations garnered from surveys amidst teachers and students to give supplementary assistance to WBL users, so that negatives don’t outweigh the positives. Keywords - Traditional Practices, Technology, Web-Based Learning, New Gen, The Third Space, Learning Methodology, Hope, Current Needs