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Identifying The Factors Affecting Cyber Security Risk Management In Digital Banking

Digital banking is a new concept based on which the classic banking business model will face fundamental changes. Part of these changes are related to digital technologies and more effective use of digital space. This importance, in turn, has caused the emergence of new security threats based on cyber space and finally the formation of cyber security risks. Currently, cyber security is considered as one of the vital components in the risk management of banks, and its lack of proper management will cause many damages and consequences to banks. Therefore, in this research, we decided to identify the factors affecting the management of cyber security risks in digital banking. For this purpose, with a descriptive method based on library studies, we extracted the influential components and indicators in this field, and then we investigated the extracted components and hypotheses with the Delphi technique and with the help of experts in the field of cyber security. Finally, during 3 rounds, the experts reached a consensus regarding 10 influential components and the results were presented along with the indicators. Keywords - Digital Banking, Cyber Security, Cyber Security Risk Management, Delphi Technique.