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The Contribution of Sustainable Tourism to Economic Growth and Employment in Kazakhstan

In the global economy, tourism stands out as a prominent and expanding sector, playing a pivotal role in enhancing a nation's economic prospects. The surge in tourism has the potential to yield positive economic outcomes, particularly in gross domestic product (GDP) and employment opportunities. Within Central Asian countries, the tourism industry serves as a catalyst for economic development and GDP growth, with Kazakhstan being a focal point. This research delves into the impact of tourism on Kazakhstan's economic growth and employment during the period from 2015 to 2023. Augmented Dickey–Fuller and Phillips–Perron unit root tests were conducted to assess the stationarity of variables. Utilizing regression techniques and the Johansen cointegration approach, the analysis reveals a significant and positive correlation between tourism, economic growth, and the employment sector in Kazakhstan. The study underscores the importance of formulating policies that promote tourism throughout the country, suggesting that policymakers should concentrate on strategies harnessing the immense potential of the tourism sector. The findings of this research offer valuable policy implications and avenues for future exploration. Keywords - Kazakhstan, Sustainable Tourism, Economic Growth, Employment, Gross Domestic Product