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Experimental Performance of an Automatic Irrigation System Using Wifi and Iot Devices

Agriculture represents a crucial pillar of Morocco’s economy, heavily relies on rainwater and underground water for irrigation. However, morocco suffers from droughts in recent years. To prevent scarcity of water, a smart irrigation system as a solution needs to be developed to prevent over-irrigation and regulate water management. Using modern technologies, like IOT applications are great opportunity to solve this problem. The aim of this paper is to develop an automatic irrigation system to help farmers especially in Morocco to save both time and resources. The system uses Arduino mega2560, soil moisture sensor, DHT11 for temperature and humidity sensors, Relay module, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, LCD I2C and stores the collected data in MySQL database server. The data is then communicated to the farmer through a mobile application. The proposed system is low cost solution and uses affordable hardware to eliminate the need of additional labors expenses. Keywords - Sensors, Wifi, Iot Devices, Actuators, Arduino, ESP Module, Smart Irrigation