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Indonesian Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Critical Thinking and Practice in EFL Classroom

Despite critical thinking (CT) has been promoted as being important in English language teaching, pre-service teachers’ experiences and perceptions of CT have drawn less attention. This study investigated pre-service teachers’ perceptions and challenges in the way of their attempts to encourage critical thinking in the EFL classroom and looked into potential ways to get beyond these perceived obstacles. This study, which included data from an online survey and interview with 25 pre-service language teachers, reveals several issues that the participants had an inadequate understanding of CT and were not given the necessary more training or support in their programs to adopt CT-oriented teaching approaches. The results additionally revealed a variety of contextual and individual difficulties that the participants encountered while attempting to include CT into their language instruction. The study concludes with suggestions that may assist language teachers construct CT-oriented pedagogies while still fostering a critical thinking. Keywords - Aluminium Alloys, Plasma Spray, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Thermal Fatigue, Yttria-Zirconia.