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Design of X-Band Pyramidal Horn Antenna for Microwave Absorber Testing

Pyramidal horn antenna that works at X-Band Frequency range (8.2 to 12.4 GHz) for pyramidal microwave absorber testing has been simulated. The horn antenna parameter has been optimized to get the best characteristic. The purpose of this study is to get the best design of a horn antenna that is used as transmitter and receiver in a free-space reflective measurement system. The simulation result using CST Microwave Studio 2019 showed the center frequency of horn antenna at 10.3 GHz withreturn lossat -49.7 dB. A gain value of 18.3 dB and directivity of 18.3 dB are obtained, with E- and H-Plane beamwidths of 19.4˚ and 23.2˚, respectively, and a radiation efficiency exceeding 99.16%.The suggested X-Band Horn Antenna has features that are promising for use in a free-space reflective measurement system, according to the simulation findings. Keywords - X-Band Frequency Range, Horn Antenna, Microwave Absorber, Anechoic Chamber.