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Deformation Analysis of Rectangular Thin Plates on Winkler Foundation by Finite Grid Solution

As a major concern of many engineering applications, structural forces to the foundation properly can be considered as frequent design problems. Foundations very often represent a complex medium to find suitable analytical models for beam or plates on elastic foundation problems. Some numerical and approximate methods, such as finite element, finite difference, boundary element and frame work methods have been developed to overcome such problems. Winkler foundations oil model underneath plate problems with complex solutions is one of the model that provides acceptable analysis including the behavior of foundation properly. In this study plates on elastic foundations are represented by assembledgrillages of beams that resemble the original rectangularplates to eliminate difficulties. Providing analytical solutions of the discrete beam elements resting on Winkler foundation by derivation of the governing differential equations and exact shape functions to from the exact shape functions, exact stiffness matrices and work equivalent load vectors to solve general plate bending problems. The error rates in all the analyses are determined and compared to the analytical method results. Some comparisons have been done to discuss the influences of the idealized plates model as as a grillage of beams of a givengeometrysatisfyinggivenboundaryconditionsfoundationparameters. Keywords - Beam, Winkler Foundation, Finite Grid Method, Grillage of Beams.