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An NFT Marketplace for Graphic Artists in Bicol Region

Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are now popular in the marketplace. In the NFT marketplace, several important features are integrated, such as blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency, to maintain the safety of transactions for users. In this study, the researcher aims to develop a framework, an original NFT marketplace for graphic artists in the Bicol Region, to give the right value of their artwork to the artists that can earn up to US$91.8 million for a single rare NFT product. Using this platform, by uploading, buying, and selling an NFT product, every user can benefit. Compared to traditional uploads on social media platforms, where they can only have good insight and recognize their skills. Developing an NFT marketplace framework that has several layers is necessary, as are the architecture and flow of the system, which are very useful in the study. Important features are discussed and applied in the NFT marketplace, such as analytics, rewards, ratings, switching currencies, language (multilingual), downloading artworks in multiple resolutions, and arranging artworks by tags or category. These features are very useful during the transactions of the users in the NFT marketplace, where they can earn up to US$91.8 million in a single NFT. Further improvements and suggestions will be discussed in the recommendation section of the study. Keywords - Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Decentralize,Nonfungible Token, Smart Contract.