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Management of Teacher Competency Development in The Implementation of The Merdeka Curriculum in Elementary Schools in Yogyakarta

The implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum since the 2022/2023 academic year has led to various dynamics of adjustments, one of which is teacher competence. This study aims to examine: (1) the implementation of teacher competency development management, and (2) the supporting and inhibiting factors in implementing elementary school teacher competency development management in Yogyakarta. The research was conducted at one of the private and public schools in Yogyakarta. Qualitative data were collected employing observation, documentation, and interview. Data analysis techniques employed three flows of activities, namely: 1) data reduction, 2) data display, and 3) conclusion. The results of the study show that: (1) Planning refers to the guidelines for the regulation of the minister of national education. (2) organizing is conducted by forming a curriculum team by the school principal. (3) Implementation is carried out through workshops, internal training, and MGMP. (4) control is conducted by supervising activities by the school principal. (5) The supporting factors are: first, the school has a budget for development programs. Second, teacher motivation is high in participating in this development program. Third, the school has a facilitator. The inhibiting factors are; first, the development program interferes with learning activities at school. Second, there are no incentives for implementing the program for teachers. Third, the boredom of teachers studying many materials. Keywords - Management, Merdeka Curriculum Implementation, HR Development