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Industrial Transformation - Benefits and Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Taiwan's high-tech industry R&D technology, product foundry, etc. are world-famous, especially the semiconductor industry is the world's top, so it has the reputation of science and technology island; The medical industry and other fields have a profound impact on social and economic development. Traditional industries are facing unprecedented challenges under the impact of the AI wave, and they urgently need to carry out digital transformation to maintain market competitiveness. The application of AI is not only the introduction of operation technology, but also a new way of thinking and management mode. Therefore, this paper deeply explores the understanding and practical application of AI in traditional industries, investigates the traditional manufacturing industry through a structured questionnaire survey, collects first-hand information on the current situation of the manufacturing industry, and analyzes the current state of understanding of AI technology, application obstacles, and challenges faced by traditional industries. At the same time, this article will cite the views and opinions of scholars in due course to provide a more comprehensive analysis and provide valuable reference information for the digital transformation of traditional industries. Keywords - AI. Traditional Industries. Digital Transformation.