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Application of Artificial Intelligence on Operational Efficiency and Consumer Experience in the Hospitality Industry.

This study explores the impact of AI implementation in hotels on consumer behavior, contributing to academic knowledge and offering practical insights. The research establishes a comprehensive theoretical framework covering technology characteristics, user experience, risk perception, personal innovation willingness, and environmental awareness. Methodological innovations include analyzing repurchase intentions and word-of-mouth marketing under various influences. In practice, the research wish to provide valuable guidance for hotels in understanding and implementing AI to enhance consumer experiences, stimulate repeat business, and optimize word-of-mouth marketing. Practical marketing strategy recommendations enable hotel operators to leverage technology while addressing factors such as risk perception. The study also emphasizes the role of environmental awareness in formulating sustainable development strategies aligning with consumer expectations. The anticipated findings aim to guide hotel industry practitioners in strategically applying AI for improved consumer experiences and business outcomes. Key words - Artificial intelligence, Hospitality industry, Technological Features, User Experience, Perceived Risk, Environmental Awareness