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The Impact of Purchasing Motivation of Online Consumers: As an Example of Sportswear Brand

This study explores the impact of New Balance's online marketing strategies on Instagram and advertising value theory on consumer purchase intentions in Taiwan. In an increasingly digital era, the power of online communities is continually shaping brand image and influence. By understanding how New Balance's Instagram marketing strategies affect consumers, we can provide brands with critical insights into how online marketing shapes brand value and consumer behavior. Starting from the literature on online marketing influence and advertising value theory, this research examines the effectiveness of New Balance's online marketing on Instagram. The study evaluates this through four aspects: entertainment, informativeness, interactivity, and innovativeness, to comprehensively understand how New Balance's Instagram marketing strategies impact consumers. It also offers deeper insight into how consumers interact with the brand.To fulfill these objectives, the research specifically focuses on Taiwan, employing online convenience sampling to gather survey data. With a clear plan for research design and implementation, an in-depth and comprehensive examination of New Balance's online marketing on Instagram is conducted. Findings indicate a positive correlation between the advertising attributes of New Balance's Instagram content and consumers' purchase intentions. When consumers perceive the content on New Balance's Instagram to have advertising factors, they are more inclined to purchase the brand's products. Moreover, when consumers are highly engaged and actively participate in the advertising messages, they can fully appreciate the conveyed marketing factors, thereby enhancing their purchase intentions. This research confirms the significant influence of New Balance's Instagram marketing, offering valuable insights for future studies in similar domains and guiding the development of effective brand marketing strategies. Keywords - Instagram Marketing, Advertising Value, Advertising Engagement, Social Media Marketing, Purchase Intention