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Taiwanese Construction and Building Companies Enhancing Engineering Quality and Construction Safety Through ESG Initiatives

The construction and building industry in Taiwan, as a cornerstone sector of the domestic economy, has long been concerned with key issues such as engineering quality and construction safety. In recent years, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues have become central to the sustainable development of global businesses. Companies have been progressively implementing ESG programs or sustainability reports to showcase their sustainable performance and commitments. We have conducted research on how ESG influences critical aspects of this industry. The primary objective of this study is to explore how Taiwanese construction and building companies enhance engineering quality and construction safety levels through the promotion of ESG principles, particularly those related to the environment and social responsibility. The research findings indicate that Taiwanese construction and building companies actively promoting environmental and social responsibility activities, such as reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste generation, and engaging with the community, contribute to an improvement in engineering quality. These companies tend to implement high standards in their construction processes, reducing defects and quality issues during construction. Our study also demonstrates a positive impact of ESG practices on construction safety. Environmental conservation initiatives and community engagement activities by the companies help enhance safety standards at construction sites, reduce accident rates, and improve worker well-being. This research identifies challenges that Taiwanese construction and building companies face in promoting ESG, including cultural shifts, resource constraints, and regulatory compliance. However, we also emphasize the opportunities that these challenges bring, such as increased competitiveness, enhanced reputation, and investor support. In conclusion, this study underscores the importance of ESG in the Taiwanese construction and building industry and highlights the positive influence of ESG practices on engineering quality and construction safety. The research findings provide practical recommendations for this industry, facilitating higher levels of sustainable development, increased competitiveness, and social contributions. Keywords - Taiwanese Construction and Building Companies, ESG Implementation Projects, Engineering quality, Construction Safety, Corporate Sustainability.