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A Study of Nonverbal Communication and Impression Management on Business Communication Effectiveness

The twenty-first century is an era of Internet competition. With the rise of self-media, people rely on the Internet to communicate with each other quickly, reducing the number of opportunities for face-to-face communication, and making it easier for them to ignore non-verbal communication behaviors, which in turn leads to unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. In the era of globalization and global village, business communication etiquette and impression management are used to establish differentiation and competitiveness, and conform to the contemporary business communication behavior of "non-verbal communication" and impression management. This paper analyzes and researches how the impact of non-verbal communication and impression management on the effectiveness of business communication is key to demonstrating that personal and corporate images help to gain trust and respect, and that non-verbal business management can be used to enhance the competitiveness of interpersonal communication and to establish a good relationship between business communication and management. Keywords: Non-Verbal Communication, First Impressions, Impression Management, Business Communication, Image Management