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Compression Behavior of Hollowed Precast Concrete Column For Building

This paper evaluates the behavior of hollowed precast concrete (HPC) composite columns through an axial load test, a filled HPC composite column and an unfilled HPC column subjected to concentric and eccentric compression with a hollow ratio of the HPC column as a variable. The results of evaluation based on the code formula through a concentric compression test showed that a local buckling influence factor needs to be considered for the unfilled HPC composite column, and the filled HPC composite column exhibits a good response to the code formula. With respect to the eccentric compression test, the results of evaluation using a P-M correlation curve found that the cross-sectional analysis result using effective concrete strength according to the area ratio are safe. Therefore, it is expected that the HPC columns can be designed to be safe in accordance with the current design criteria. Index terms´┐Ż Hollowed precast concrete column, Hollow ratio, Concentric and eccentric test, Code formula.