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Research on Enhancing the Quality of Long-Term Care Through Long Stay - A Case Study of Veterans’ Homes Residents

Aging population is a major issue in the world, especiallyin Taiwan and Japan. Veterans refer to the honorific title for retired soldiers in Taiwan. The government spares no effort in taking care of the veterans living in Veterans’ Homes. This study aims to establish a model to improve the elderly care of residents in Veterans’ Homes. Through interviewingexperts,it investigates the feasibility of adopting the Japanese Long Stay method into Taiwan’sVeterans’ Homes to improve the quality of long-term care for veterans. Research results:Veterans’ Homesreceive high ratings, and the interviewees unanimously agree that the Long Stay method to be implemented by Veterans’ Homes is feasible, but certain problems need to be solved such as bed quantities, regional difference, financial burden, duration, national policies, workload of the staff, and service quality. The research presents three solutions: First, use the idle space of Veterans’ Homes to build houses by public-private partnership, and entrust them to businesses for operation, BOT(Build–operate–transfer). In addition to providing Long Stay, they can also provide accommodation for the public, maximizing the space and diversifying the operation of Veterans’ Homes, and driving Veterans’ Homes towards a broader operation. Secondly, establish a database for Veterans’ Homes, use AI technology to create a database of physical and mental conditions and experience values that can improve health goals for residents of each Veterans’ Homes, and provide relevant parameters for national or global elderly care institutions. Finally, from the perspective of the residents of Veterans’ Homes,we can explain the policies of the whole Long Stay package and implementation methods, let the residents of Veterans’ Homes fully understand them, design questionnaires to conduct surveys and statistical analysis, confirm residents’ willingness, and figure out the feasibility of the policy. Keywords - Aging population, Veterans, Veterans’ home, Long Stay, Expert interview method.