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An Investigation of Consumer’s Shopping Intention in Smart Stores

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the business mode of the retail industry has undergone tremendous changes. Smart retail has received more and more attention. However, previous research on smart retail has mainly focused on the shopping utility and benefits that smart technology brings to consumers rather than consumers’ internal perceptions and feelings of smart technology. To fill this gap, this study integrates internal perceptions (i.e., cognitive absorption) to technology acceptance model to investigate consumer intention in smart stores. 322 consumers who shop in smart stores were surveyed by using structural equation modeling. The results show that cognitive absorption has a significant impact on consumers' perception of the usefulness and ease of use, which in turn affects consumers' intention to use technology and word-of-mouth. Finally, theoretical and practical suggestions and future research directions are discussed. Keywords - Smart Store; Cognitive Absorption; TAM; Behavior Intention; Word-Of- Mouth