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Annotation.As a result of regular anthropogenic impact in soils in many regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, negative processes are developing that affect the disturbance of soil cover. One of the common types of pollution is the entry of heavy metals into the soil, which have a negative effect on the chemical composition of the soil. In this regard, we have conducted research to study the anthropogenic impact of technogenic processes on the soil cover and the development of a new domestic fertilizer “EcoSoil” for soil rehabilitation in the city of Ridder. Research methods.Soil samples were taken from 5 points at a depth of 0-10 cm; the atomic adsorption method was used to determine heavy metals and chemical elements. The structure and sorption properties of the “EcoSoil” fertilizer based on rice husk were determined using a Superprob 733 electronic microanalyzer. Results show that the closer the source of pollution, the higher the concentration of heavy metals. According to statistical data, the coefficient of variation (V,%) for zinc is 4.3-44.3, for copper 13.3-53.4, for lead 12-82.2%. The studied experimental site has a surface slope of 15-20°, so we conditionally divided the territory of the experimental site into three parts: the upper, middle and lower parts of the site. It was revealed that in soil samples from the city of Ridder, selected from pits laid near the zinc plant along the profile in the lower horizons, a decrease in the content of heavy metals is observed, and in soil samples selected for lead, the highest variation coefficients are 83.5%. Chemical elements are predominantly 0-10, with technogenic contamination of the soil under study in the plant area accumulating in the range of 0-20 cm. the soil cover is devoid of vegetation, erosion processes occur intensively. At control sites located 25 km from the study area, saline high-altitude chernozems had lower contents of heavy metals compared to degraded chernozems. Conclusion. Studies have shown that anthropogenic load leads to changes in the morphogenetic, water-physical properties and intrasoil processes of chernozem soils, and therefore their fertility decreases. The development of the use of domestic fertilizer “EcoSoil” for the rehabilitation of soil covers is a current and new direction in the field of increasing crop productivity and obtaining environmentally friendly products at significantly lower costs. Keywords - Biosphere, Biochar, Heavy Metals