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The Design of the Integration System for Smes Datausing Web Services Technology, Thailand

This research has been conducted with an objective to design of the integration system for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) data using web services technology. The system applies SOAP protocol and W3C XML standard allows application programs to communicate and exchange data. Facilities for customers and business partners in efficient data exchange without attaching to various platforms of data collection structures. Languages for the development or operational systems must responds to users� needs as it provides faster and more convenient services with accurate results.The developer hopes that the design of the integration system for SMEs data using web services technology will be the approach for SME entrepreneurs to apply the development of applications. Also, for the management of SME�s data in real situations, it will help to enhance the capacity of the management of SME�s data efficiency. This technology can also be useful for business organizations which have a problem with data collection on different platforms and would like to use web service technology to enhance the capacity of data search and mutual data exchange. Index Terms- Web services technology, Web Service, SMEs, Design of the integrated system