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Fintech: An Emerging Impetus and Determinant to Commercial Banks/Finance House in Delivering Their Responsibilities in The Digital World

This study will collect data and analyze the trend in the upsurge in the activities of the FINTECH industries in the past couple of years and how it affects the commercial banks/Finance house activities in the present digital world. The trend in the activities of the Fin Tech industry in the selected countries vis their commercial banks and Finance houses will be used for the purpose of this study. The fast developments in the FinTech Industry are premonition to the study, while the present effect together with expected future effect of these developments on the commercial banks/Finance house is one of the purposes of this study which will be duly analyzed. We as well, did an overview of what FinTech is and why it’s becoming a consideration by commercial banks in carrying out their responsibilities. The study also considers the factors contributing to the developments in FinTech industry in the chosen countries by detailing the benefits accruing to the economy from the FinTech activities