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Abstract - Agricultural production is very important in terms of feeding individuals, providing raw materials to industry, transferring capital to industry, participating directly and indirectly in exports, and contributing to national income and employment. Social media is an indispensable communication tool in the globalizing world. In the study, communication preferences and social media participation of dairy cattle enterprises were determined. The sample size in the study was calculated as 66 with a 90% confidence interval and a 5% margin of error. According to the results of the research, it was determined that they used WhatsApp and Facebook several days a week for agricultural purposes. It was determined that they use Instagram and YouTube several times a month. It has been determined that businesses use agricultural social media platforms several times a year to find information, share information, and get opinions on a subject. This shows that the use of social media for agricultural purposes is generally irrelevant. Social media platforms used in agricultural production are generally used through individual efforts. Therefore, social media should be used in the public broadcasting system. Additionally, enterprises should be made aware of the use of social media and misuse should be reduced. Keywords - Agriculture, Communication, Social Media.