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The Diversity and Work Behaviors for Instructors: A Case Study of Vongchavalitkul University

The purposes of the research are (1) to study diversity of instructors with dimension of gender and age, (2) to study work behavior level of instructors, (3) to compare between diversity (gender and age) and working behavior of instructors, and (4) to group work behavior of instructors and find out individual characteristics of group in work behavior of each group. Sample size is routine instructors of Vongchavalitkul University (VU) in social field with 50 instructors. Statistics is used for testing that are frequency, percentage, mean, t-test, one-way ANOVA based on confident level 95%. This grouping used cluster analysis based on hierarchical cluster analysis. The results are found that most sample size of instructors is 37 female people (74%), average age 39.02 years, and work duration in VU 7.6 years of average. Instructors comprise of overall of work behavior level, is in high level based on 5 aspects. Comparison of work behavior for instructors with factors of gender and age diversity is not differ in 5 aspects significant statistics at 0.05. This research can group instructors based on work behavior that is divided two groups: the first group includes 45 people (90%), mean of work behavior in high level in all aspects (mean between 3.5 and 4.49), and the second group includes 5 people (10%), mean of work behavior in high level in all aspects (mean between 4.5 and 5.00). Human resource plans to consider from this research to use plan strategies or plan of HR Diversity Management. Keywords- Diversity of Instructor, Work Behavior, Cluster Analysis,