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The Feasibility Study of Utilising Houseplant as Indoor Air Purifier Using Electronic Nose

The indoor air pollution is a major public health problem for urban population who spends most of their time indoor. Various harmful volatile compounds present in indoor environments may be harmful to human health such as house sick syndrome, which includes allergies, asthma and cancer. Most of the existing air purifier and monitoring system are electronic based and quite costly. So, a reliable technique is welcome to monitor the indoor air pollution impact on the occupants. This paper proposes a system using selected houseplants as natural indoor air purifier which will freshen up the air area. An electronic nose (e-nose) was used to detect and discriminate harmful volatile compounds in the area. Three houseplants that effectively absorb harmful volatile chemical compounds from the air through the leaves and roots were selected as the natural air purifier and wereplace inside a room for one week. An e-nose was used to record the air sample data inside the room. The MATLAB software with HCA, KNN and ANN pattern recognition toolbox were employed for the data processing.Results demonstrate that houseplants could be used as natural indoor air purifier that can helps reduce harmful volatile compounds. The e-nose and the pattern recognition were able to detect and discriminate the room air sample data with high success rate. Index Termsó Indoor air pollution, Houseplants, Electronic nose, HCA, KNN, ANN.